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TITLE : Mastering Windows Network Forensics and Investigation (Mastering) (Paperback)
AUTHOR : by Steven Anson (Author), Steve Bunting (Author)
PUBLISHER : Sybex publisher
ISBN : 0470097620
PUB DATE : April 02, 2007
LANGUAGE : English
SIZE : 17 x 2.88 MB

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Conduct Cutting-Edge Forensic Investigations of Computer Crimes. Whether
it's phishing, bank fraud, or unlawful hacking, computer crimes are on
the rise, and law enforcement personnel who investigate these crimes
must learn how to properly gather forensic evidence in the computer age.
Now you can get the training you need in this comprehensive guide from
two seasoned law enforcement professionals. From recognizing high-tech
criminal activity and collecting evidence to presenting it in a way that
judges and juries can understand, this book covers the range of skills,
standards, and step-by-step procedures you'll need to conduct a criminal
investigation in a Windows environment and make your evidence stand up
in court. The book also covers the emerging field of "live forensics,"
where investigators examine a system to obtain evidence while it is
still running, thus preserving live data that may be lost if the system
is shut down. COVERAGE INCLUDES:

* Responding to a reported computer intrusion
* Conducting the initial interview with the victims
* Understanding how attackers exploit Windows networks
* Deciphering Windows file systems, registries, and more
* Analyzing data rapidly using live analysis techniques
* Examining suspects' computers
* Using EnCase® for Windows event log analysis
* Presenting technically complicated material to juries

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