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# Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional; Pap/Cdr edition (May 2, 2003)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0321108949
# ISBN-13: 978-0321108944

From the Back Cover

"I really like the software engineering advice given here. As the chief engineer/architect for a large development group, I can say with certainty that the advice given in this book about how real-world projects must work is right on the mark."

--Steve Vinoski, coauthor of Advanced CORBA Programming with C++, columnist for C/C++ Users Journal and IEEE Internet Computing, and Chief Architect, IONA Technologies

Applied C++ is a practical, straightforward guide to developing high-quality, maintainable software. It reflects the power of C++, templates, and the Standard Template Library for industrial-strength programming. Whether you are a single developer or work in a large team, the tips and techniques presented in this book will help you improve your language and design skills and show you how to solve substantial problems more effectively.

The authors, drawing on their extensive professional experience, teach largely by example. To illustrate software techniques useful for any application, they develop a toolkit to solve the complex problem of digital image manipulation. By using a concrete, real-world problem and describing exact feature, performance, and extensibility requirements, the authors show you how to leverage existing software components and the tools inherent in C++ to speed development, promote reuse, and deliver successful software products.

Inside Applied C++, you will find:

   * A C++ templates primer
   * Workable coding guidelines and extensive coding examples
   * Quick lists of need-to-know information about Exceptions, Assertions, and Standard Template Library components
   * A technique for effectively using prototypes to move your design from an initial concept to a robust solution
   * A technique for building debugging support into your software without a ton of overhead
   * Thirteen specific techniques to improve the overall performance of your software

The accompanying CD-ROM contains the source code for the book's example project, including the image framework, unit test framework, and makefiles. The CD also includes useful third-party software such as Sysinternal's DebugView, evaluation versions of the Intel© Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel IPP) for optimizing your code, and the Intel© C++ Compiler.

About the Author

Philip Romanik is an independent consultant who has been designing and implementing real-world software applications for the past twenty years. He is an expert in the development of real-time, embedded software for performance-intensive applications. He has created patentable technology for his clients and has provided services to such leading companies as Eastman Kodak and Microsoft.

Amy Muntz
is an independent consultant who holds advanced technical and business degrees, and writes from broad experience in both fields. She specializes in the development and management of aggressive software projects, successfully helping her clients over the past fifteen years build and market products that meet their business objectives.

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